Technical doc.


Laser system description, 2015

Usefull command  - operating instructions , 2020    !!NEW!!

Laser system overview.pdf  , bailleux 2009



DP2 spare ordered in 2015

SPARE PARTS         last updated: 2013 after last delivery from Photonics

Quantronix_spare part for IR laser    Feb. 2013


safety box     March 2013


DP2-4467 lasers:

Personal notes after Photonics training        April 2013

Setup with 2 photonics laser at CERN        25 Jan 2013

DAI_second_laser                                     Dec 2012

PIC300 Chiller Warmer Installation and Operation Manual.pdf


DP2-447 Photonics MANUAL

DP20-447 External Trigger _2.pdf




DP2 brochure web site


Green laser  DLT-419QT  MANUAL



CERN Memorandum USC55;

CERN Memorandum H4;

ISI blue laser;


Laser_safety_requirements.pdf (USC55, Ref EDMS: CMS-GS-IP-0007 v.1)

CMS ECAL laser_safety_visit.doc (2019)


Quantronix lasers :

LASER SYSTEM_operating_manual

laser_switch on.pdf



LaserMonitoringRegions3 .pdf

Arc Lamp Krypton EG&G    //    Lamp drawing from Quantronix.pdf

234 full Manual.pdf


Quantronix LBO instalaltion.pdf

Crytal data YLF2 August2004

DG535 manual.pdf

GP700.pdf (SWITCH)


Proteus laser: control box.doc

Tuning Ti:S laser.doc

Red_laser.txt (properties)

Attenuation box: neutral density filters.


DSO6284025 5_Darwin.pdf    YLF Diode pump



Cables list for laser room:



Cleanroom projects:

New cleanroom CERN simplex drawing

specifications  -   HEPair design  -  HEPair spec.  

Quotations:  Liberty - Solutions&Handling

Safety_mail.txt: CERN approval to use Polysim 509 (Terra-Sirus)