Slow February to July:      slow_DP2-1_Feb_July.pdf   

June:         slow monitoring plots. slow_dp2-1_June2015.pdf

15 June:   Matacq with new green after new delay on EMTC: Matacq 15June.pdf

April:        slow dp2 for Feb+MArch+April  slow_dp2-1_020304.pdf

3 March:  dp2-1 fast 3March    ;    dp2-1 fast with no green 4 March

3 March:  green fast 25Fev   ;  green fast histo 25Fev  to compare to January  green fast 28Jan

29 Jan: matacq_29Jan2015.pdf    dso21370-1.pdf     dso21370-2.pdf    DP2-2 is 450 ADC while it was 1050 on 14Jan. same config. checked attenuator home position ?

14 Jan: matacq_14Jan2015.pdf    dso21358-1.pdf    dso21358-2.pdf


7 Jan: