12 Nov:       global run 3.8T, DP2-2:  slow_dp2-2_Novembre.pdf ; fast_dp2-2_nov.pdf


29 Sept:       60hrs external trigger  dso21418-1.pdf ; DP2-1 after solved error temp SHG.  dso21418-2.pdf


19 August:   fast_dp2-2_17August.pdf;     slow_IR_august.pdf


11 August:   fast_dp2-2_11August ; dso21396-dp2-2.pdf: 250hrs, 1 to 11 August.  slow_dp2-2_august.pdf ;


24 July:       DP2-2  online and DP2-1 as spare with external trigger 20hrs, minidaq dso21390-dp2-1.pdf, dso21390-dp2-2.pdf . IR laser as well online.

Associated root:

dso21390_IR3.pdf ;


                     fast_20140722.pdf  DP2-2 and Green plots.


15 July:       DP2-1 with internal trigger 1 day. dso21375-dp2-1.pdf

14 July:       DP2-2 with internal trigger 1 day. dso21370-dp2-2.pdf


2-4 July:       DP2-2-green-IR  online :  short run...no IR. no enought events. no data on matacq


15 April:       DP2-2 online :  dso21796-dp2-2.pdf


13 April:       DP2-1 global run , 150hrs:  dso21794-dp2-1.pdf    ;     root: DP2-1_slow_april.pdf    ;  Fast_GlobalRun_april.pdf

Quantronix: dso21538-1.pdf    ;    dso21538-3.pdf


2-7 April:     DP2-2 installation. test with liyuan.

30A: dso21351-dp2-1.pdf;    dso21351-dp2-2.pdf

40A: dso21356-dp2-1.pdf; dso21356-dp2-2.pdf


19 March:        increase room temp to 24Deg as last year: no effect , temp. still unstable dso21787-dp2-1.pdf


18 March:        test with internal trigger 2hrs: diode stable but not SHG&THG as in external : +/- 0.3Deg. (room 22.5deg)  dso21785-dp2-1.pdf


14-16 March:  DP2-1;  dso21781-dp2-1.pdf; root for march : slow_201403_histo.pdf   -> unstable temperature ! diode temp not stable.


14 Fev:         online 2 hrs:   dso21764_temp.pdf double peak -> test offline with external trigger  DG535 and see that first event are  < in         amplitude. Temperature unstable

23-31Jan:     internal trigger, DP2-1:  dso21762-dp2.pdf ; root: dso21762_internalTrigger.pdf    -> temperature stable


14-17 Jan:     online  DP2-1, dso21739_dp2.pdf